About us

Welcome to  Progressive Medical Center 

Progressive Medical Center has been improving the health and wellness of families across Chicagoland by providing the high quality services of prevention, diagnosis treatment, minor surgery, physical therapy.

It is a family practice providing a complete complement of care and treatment. With its dedicated team of physicians, family nurse practitioners, nurses and other healthcare providers and support staff.

PMC is commited to helping every member of your family stay as health as possible at every age and every stage of life.

Our Team

Our sytem of values establishes the parameters of the patient’s satisfaction, the behavior of the employee, the procedures to solve problems and strategic initiatives.

Our Values

Positive, Attitude, Service Initiative, Honesty.

We are committed to these caues and we believe that they are essentials for long-term sucess.

Our System

Our sytem of values is an integral part of our organization and defines the culture and the context in which the daily decisions are taken.

1841 W. Army Trail Rd Addison IL 60101